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- Brain research confirms that Arts education strengthens student & adult cognitive and creative skills. This affects problem-solving and critical thinking skills used in

Academic achievement and the ability to develop and expand imaginations .

· The arts also teach us to be more tolerant and open through multicultural and historical perspectives therefore

expanding our connections to the world around us.

Kids will explore art media that includes drawing, painting in acrylic and watercolor and they will experience a vast array of art possiblities to expand their creativity and self - worth!

Art + Expression = Fun!

Classes are held

every Wed. afternoon

from 4:00-5:15 pm

All materials are supplied.

It is suggested that students purchase their own idea sketchbook. We will make suggestions the first day of class.

Class fee is $120.00 for 8 weeks due on first day or $60.00 every 4 weeks.

Max. 5 students in class ages 10 - 14

Instructor - Karin

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